Age of Apocalypse

Age of Apocalypse (Earth-295)

Appearances: Generation Next # 1 - 4, X-Men: Age of Apocalypse, X-Men: Age of Apocalypse # 4
Profile: When Chamber's powers first manifested, they blew a hole in his chest but he soon began to wear a device that granted him proper control over the psionic energy, preventing any further damage to his body. A prisoner of Mikhail Rasputin, he was rescued by Colossus and became part of the Generation Next team who planned to stand alongside the X-Men in the fight against Magneto. Chamber seemed to be the leader of the team and was involved in some sort of relationship with Husk. He seems to have died in the attempt to rescue Illyana Rasputin when he and the rest of the team were abandoned by Colossus.


Amalgam (Earth-6902)

Appearances: Generation Hex # 1
Profile: Jono Hex's mother died in childbirth after the townspeople of Humanity refused to come to her aid. Soon after, his father turned to alcohol and Jono's temper became legendary in the town. When a group of children burned the Hex household to the ground, killing Jono's father in the process, Jono's powers manifested, destroying the lower half of his face and making it clear that he was a malform. He grew up to become the leader of a band of outlaws known as Generation Hex and gained his revenge by tricking the people of Humanity to dress up as malforms, thus making them a target of the Razormen (robots created to kill malforms) who slaughtered them all.

Millennial Visions: Generation X: The Last Family

Millennial Visions: Generation X: The Last Family (Earth-1035)

Appearances: X-Men: Millennial Visions 2001
Profile: At the end of the thirty-year War on Mutants, Chamber is one of only four surviving X-Men. Known as the Last Family of the X-Men, the group is considered a minor threat and overlooked in the run up to Operation: Mutant Armageddon. However, Chamber and his teammates are stronger than anyone realises and plan to take down the Sentinels and end Operation: Mutant Armageddon.

Millennial Visions: Remnants

Millennial Visions: Remnants (Earth-1022)

Appearances: X-Men: Millennial Visions 2000
Profile: The last surviving member of Generation X, Chamber is one of only three surviving mutants in a world where Sentinels are bent on the destruction of all of humanity. The final plan to destroy the Sentinels depends on Chamber, and many lives have been lost to ensure his safety. Once delivered to the Sentinel base by his teammaters, he must unleash the full force of his psionic energy, destroying the Sentinels completely but losing his own life in the process.

Operation: Zero Tolerance

Operation: Zero Tolerance (Earth-1815)

Appearances: Exiles # 2
Profile: The youngest member of the X-Men, Chamber had been held in a maximum security facility after Operation: Zero Tolerance was fully implemented. He escaped (or was freed) to rejoin his team in their efforts to destroy humanity, starting with the New York Stock Exchange. They were interrupted by the Exiles and Chamber was taken out of the fight by Thunderbird.

Weapon X: Days of Future NowWeapon X: Days of Future Now

Weapon X: Days of Future Now (Earth-5700)

Appearances: Weapon X: Days of Future Now # 1 & 3
Profile: A member of Weapon X, Chamber cannot remember the original timeline in which he was sent by the X-Men to infiltrate the Weapon X organisation, and believes Wolverine to be one of the most dangerous mutants alive. On the orders of his Weapon X superiors, Chamber assassinates John Sublime (who is later discovered alive). He later manages to leave the programme, in the process destroying his entire head, and goes on to join Excelsior, now wearing Xorn's helmet to contain his psionic energy.

What If: Storm Had The Power Of The Phoenix?

What If: Storm Had The Power Of The Phoenix? (Earth-9590)

Appearances: What If? (2nd Series) # 79
Profile: Chamber seems to have lost part of his face and chest to his powers and is a member of the X-Men who follow StormPhoenix and wear a green uniform with a golden representation of a phoenix on the chest. Presumably due to his powers, Chamber only wears the bottom half of the uniform. He takes part in the battle against StormPhoenix, a malevolent manifestation of the Phoenix entity, after the X-Men realise she is an imposter.

What If? Deadly Genesis

What If? Deadly Genesis (Earth-98193)

Appearances: What If...? X-Men: Deadly Genesis # 1
Profile: Chamber is a member of either Legion X, the X-Patriots, Mutation Zero or the X-Men, who are all viewed as heroes.

X-Men: Ronin

X-Men: Ronin (Earth-2301)

Appearances: X-Men: Ronin # 5
Profile: Chamber is a mutant driven underground by the police department's Sentinel programme. Offered sanctuary by the X-Men, he appears to accept their invitation to join their clan and fight for freedom from oppression.